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Neko Rigging

If you have not used the neko rig with plastics, you may be missing out.  Wacky rigging has been around for years as a technique for shallow water fish.  Neko rigging takes this technique to deep water.  It is quite easy to rig and fish.

The basic setup consists of a straight tail worm, nail weights and a 1/0 octopus or straight shank hook.  Thin wire hooks are best for smaller baits.

 Insert the nail weight into the head of the worm.  Hook the worm through the mid section.  Let the worm sink on a semi tight line.  Once it is on the bottom, fish it using the wacky technique.  Lift the bait off the bottom using very short rapid twitches of the wrist.  Let it fall back.  Repeat until you are out of the strike zone.  Spinning tackle with 8# mono works great in areas with few snags.  A Cabelas ZX shaky head rod and 3000 reel works for me.


Use an "o" ring in the middle of the worm to attach the hook.  Saves the worm for another fish or two.

Pinch off the nail weight to match the fall rate the fish want.

Vary the position of the hook to change the action of the worm.

Try using a sinking worm with heavier tackle and the same setup.

Cabelas has a sinking worm with the "o" ring molded in.

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Wear your PFD!

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