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A-rig tips

Of all the rigs I have thrown, the Yum Flash Mob and Flash Mob Jr. are my personal favorites due to their versatility.  As with fishing lures, always fish your confidence rigs.  The Flash Mob is a good rig to throw the 4.8 inch swimmers and up.  The Jr. is best for the 3.8 inch size and down.

Vary the size, style and colors of the blades on your rig.  Big smallmouth really like that chartreuse blade.  

Use the lightest jig head possible.  I have used offset worm hooks with great success.  Overall, a 1/8 ounce head is a favorite.  Try using a 1/8 ounce head on 4 wires with a 3/8 to 1/2 ounce jig head or spin head on the bottom wire to keep your rig running upright.

Vary the size of the swimmers on your rig.  A group of 3.8 swimmers followed by a little 2.8 or a group of 3.8 swimmers with a 4.8 on the bottom.  Bass will likely key on the swimmer that is a bit different than the others.

Vary the flavors of your swimmers.  Within the shad pattern, you can use white ice, shad, smallmouth magic and a pro blue on the same rig.  It's also a great way to find the flavor bass are eating for the day.

Sometimes the bass are just not in the mood for all the flash and vibration.  Removing a couple or all the blades increases your success.  Also, going to a bait like the Zoom Super Fluke gets the bites.  When using the flukes, try using an offset worm hook instead of a jig head.

One final tip.  Use a short wire leader attached to the center wire of your rig.  This allows for that one swimmer to appear to be slower than the others and an easy meal.  I have found that over half of my bites are on the one by itself.  Especially if it is bigger than the others.

The swimmers that I use are BPS Speed Shad and Show Me The Money.  They are available from my site.  Heads are Cabela's wide gap jig heads.

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