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What's Biting 

Largemouth bassfishing is best from late March through May.  June through the middle of July offers good bass fishing at night. Mid September through early November offers good bass fishing as well.
White bass fishing is typically good from the end of May through late June.  

Crappie fishing is typically at its best from late March through the middle of April depending upon water temperature.  June through October are good for fishing deep structure.

 Recent Activity and Conditions

Nolin is near pool, mostly clear and in the high 80's.  Bass continue to be caught off points and steep banks.  Jig/craw combinations in green pumpkin and summer craw have been good.  Crankbaits have been good in shad patterns running 12 to 15 feet.  Big worms in plum and black/blue spinnerbaits have been good at night.  Finesse worms in green pumpkin/purple have been catching fish.  A drop shot and 4 inch worm has also been producing.  Don't be afraid to fish a 4 inch chartreuse worm in clear water.  Crappie are at 10 to 12 feet over brush and taking jigs.  White bass jumps are scattered.  

Be safe, courteous and wear your pfd.

Not much has changed over the week.  The lake is at pool, clear and in the high 80's.  Bass fishing has been fair using jigs, plastics and deep running crankbaits.  A DD22 has been good in a shad pattern.  The fish appear to be holding off points and drops.  A drop shot rig with a 4 inch worm has been productive over isolated cover.  Crappie are around 10 feet over brush.  Check the KDFW website for GPS coordinates.  White bass are scattered.  Spotted bass can be caught on a neko rig along bluff walls.  Smoke/purple is a good flavor.  

Be safe, courteous on the water. 

The lake is clear, at pool and in the high 80's.  Jigs have been catching bass off points.  Black/blue and green pumpkin have been good flavors.  A christie craw has been a good trailer.  Most fish are in tight schools near cover.  Fifteen feet appears to be a preferred depth.  A DD22 has been productive as well as a carolina rig and centipede.  Melon red is a good flavor.  A drop shot rig with a Yum kill shot in the morning dawn flavor has been catching numbers off rock.  Neko rigs have been good with a sinking worm.

Be safe, courteous on the water. 

Surface temps have been right around 90 degrees this week.  The lake is clear and at pool.  Bass fishing is fair to good.  Jigs in black/blue, green pumpkin and summer craw have been good.  An aggressive craw or twin tail tailor has been getting bites.  A flutter spoon can be good on schooling fish.  Chrome/blue is a good flavor.  Deep running crankbaits have been good in a shad pattern.  Carolina rigged centipedes in melon/red is a go-to when fishing deep.  A drop shot rig and Yum kill shot has been catching numbers of fish over cover.  Green pumpkin and morning dawn have been good flavors.  Twelve to 15 feet appears to be the preferred depth.  Feeding times are short this time of year.  Typically the fist few hours of morning and at dusk have been best.

Be safe, courteous and wear your PFD.  





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