Nolin Guide Service

What's Biting and When

Largemouth and KY Spotted Bass

Mid March through late November

White Bass

April  June  July


Late March to mid April and  Mid June through August

Fishing Activity 


Warm weather recently have water temps climbing and fish becoming more active.  Currently the lake is muddy from heavy rains, elevation is about 2 feet below summer pool and falling and surface temps are in the lower 50's.  Bass fishing is fair to good using black/blue jigs and chatter baits.  Most bites are coming off shallow cover located mid way in the creeks. Crappie are 10 to 15 feet in the main channel.  White bass are staging for the spring run at the end of the month.


Mother nature got us again with cooler temps and rain.  The lake is stained to muddy and in the low 50's.  Elevation is about 4 feet below summer pool and falling fast.  Chatter baits and jigs in black/blue are still a good bet.  The white bass are on their way upstream. Still a few days before the fishing gets really good.  Depending on water levels, fishing the shoreline from Bacon Creek to Wheelers Mill can be extremely good.  Keep what you will eat and release the rest to continue the spawn.  Crappie appear to be staging in the channels of feeder creeks.  A few days out for the really good fishing.  Wear your PFD, the water is cold regardless of air temperature.


It's a good time to be on the lake.  Bass fishing has been good with fish moving to spawning areas.  Spinnerbaits are a good bet.  Chartreuse/white has been a good flavor.  Squarebill crankbaits in a crawfish pattern have been good.  Jigs are always a go-to bait for bass.  White bass fishing has been good fishing above Bacon Creek. An occasional walleye is a bonus.  Crappie are shallow in spawning areas and on wood.  A 2 inch grub on a 1/8 ounce head works well casted to cover.  A tube jig or feather jig fished under a float is good.  The lake is stained, at summer pool and in the low 60's.