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Neko Rigging

If you wacky rig any of your plastics, this rig will be a favorite.  Think of it as a wacky rig for deeper fish.  The set up is about as simple as it gets.  A nail weight, 1/0 hook and your favorite worm.  I use an octopus style hook, but a round bend sproat works great as well.  Lead weights are 3/32 ounce and can be easily broken to adjust the fall of the worm.   

Insert the nail weight completely into the nose of the worm.  Hook the worm near the middle.  Vary the hook location to get the action the fish are wanting.  That's it!  

I fish the Neko rig on my tournament ZX shaky head rod, 3000 series ZX spinning reel and 10# fluorocarbon.  Cast the bait to rocks, drop offs or scattered grass.  Let it sink with the bail open.  Engage the reel, tighten the line and feel for a fish.  They will take it on the fall.  If not, lift the bait off the bottom, shake it 2 to 4 times and let it fall back. Experiment with the speed of your retrieve until you get bit. Sometimes they want the bait moving fast and others almost a dead stick.  Reel into the fish while raising the rod.

You can power fish the Neko rig using a sinking worm.  Rig the worm the same way only using beefier tackle.  A 3/0 to 4/0 hook, 5 to 7 inch sinking worm and 14# fluorocarbon works well.  I fish it on my tournament ZX swim jig rod and ZX casting reel.

Wacky rigging takes me back to the 80's and fishing the twin tail wacky worm out of Texas.  Time does fly!  Enjoy every minute on the lake!

Wear your PFD!

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