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Cold Water Bass

When the water temperatures are well into the low 40's, bass can still be caught.  Typically a highland flood control reservoir will be drown down several feet over the winter.  Bass will position themselves off main lake points, secondary points and in pockets.  The fish tend to suspend at a specific depth and can be caught using a slow horizontal presentation.  A bait that I have had great success on over the past few seasons is the tworm from Cabin Creek Baits.  A stubby hollow worm that can be fished on a jig head and flat out catches fish.

I rig it on a Cabela's bed jig.  Depending on weather conditions, a light 3/32 ounce is a good choice.  I have caught fish all the way up to 1/4 ounce.

I fish the bait on a 7 foot medium light rod with a very soft tip and has some backbone to it.  My 3000 series spinning reel is loaded with 6 pound fluorocarbon line.  

After using your electronics to find the depth the fish are holding at, back off.  Make a long cast onto the point that you will be fishing. Watch your line all the way to the bottom.  Turn your reel handle a couple times.  Watch your line to the bottom. Repeat.  Keep your rod at the 10 o'clock and don't move it.  When you are at the depth the fish are suspended, begin a very slow retrieve.  You want the bait to glide as horizontal as possible through this dept zone.  Bites are nothing more than a "tick" or you will feel the weight of the fish.  Don't set the hook like you are jig fishing!  You will miss them more often than not. Simply reel fast and raise your rod tip.  Most often you will hook the fish in the top of the mouth.  About as simple as it gets and catches a ton of fish.         
This little gem works nicely on a drop shot and on a mojo rig as well.

It is cold out there.  Wear your PFD!

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