Nolin Guide Service -  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Jerkbait Tips

O rings have been used on lures for years.  Unfortunately your line will eventually find its way into that little gap where the ring was formed.  This will not only wear your line but can hinder the action of your lures.

Replace it with a bass snap!  Not a swivel, but a snap.

The spoonbill rebel was a jerkbait staple from years ago.  It is still a very good bait today.  Lead wire can be added to the treble hooks to get that perfect back-up on the pause and head down posture. 

Lead strips can be cut to size and placed in the just right position to imitate a dying baitfish. 

A few years back I cold not get the fish to hit a jerkbait.  After several modifications, I tied directly onto the nose of the bait.  This pretty much killed the side to side action that the bait was designed for.  What I had stumbled upon was a subtle gliding, erratic action that was just what the fish wanted.  Sometimes you just get lucky!  

Wear your PFD!

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