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What's Biting 

Largemouth bass fishing is best from late March through May.  June through the middle of July offers good bass fishing at night. Mid September through early November offers good bass fishing as well.
White bass fishing is typically good from the end of May through late June.  

Crappie fishing is typically at its best from late March through the middle of April depending upon water temperature.  June through October are good for fishing deep structure.

 Recent Activity and Conditions

Spring in Kentucky!  Lake levels are approaching 10 feet above summer pool.  Lower lake is clear with the upper lake being muddy.  The river is running high and muddy.  Surface temps are at 54 degrees and probably will drop this weekend. A-rigs have been pretty good.  Shallow crankbaits in the back of creeks and pockets are good.  A jig/chunk combination pitched to flooded brush is good.  Use a chunk with a subtle action.  Chartreuse and craw patterns are favored flavors.  Black/blue is another good one.  Channel bends next to flats are a good bet.  Crappie fishing is slow.  Fish are around 12 feet and suspended.  Good Luck!  

After a week of all 4 seasons, fishing may be getting back on track.  Nolin is still in the brush at about 7 feet above summer pool and falling around a foot per day.  Surface temps are in the mid 50's to around 60 in the very back of protected areas.  Water clarity ranges from clear in the lower lake to stained to muddy.  The river has cleared up some and is well back into its banks for the white bass run.  Bass fishing is a grind.  Channel bends next to a flat appears to be holding some fish tight to cover.  Jigs in black/blue with a chunk have been productive.  A-rigs have caught some shallow fish as well as rattle baits.  Spots have been holding at 15 feet over rock piles and boulders.  Spin heads with a fluke type trailer can be productive.  It is still early and we all have been flagged for a "false start" to this season.

Lake conditions are constantly changing due fronts and precipitation amounts.  As of today, the current elevation is about 5 feet above summer pool and falling.  Surface temps remain around 55 degrees.  Clarity ranges from clear to stained.

Bass fishing has been fair.  Spinnerbaits and chatterbaits have been good in the back of creeks and around shallow docks.  White or shad patterns have been good flavors and 1/2 ounce has been a good size.  Sunlight and wind are major factors influencing the bass bite this time of year.  

White bass are biting spinners and grubs in the upper river and in the back of major creeks.  A 1/8 ounce Cabelas bed jig with a white grub or 1/4 ounce rooster tail is a good choice.

Crappie fishing has been slow with fish remaining deeper than usual for this time of year.  Try minnows or tube jigs fished around 10 feet in standing timber or near blowdowns along deep banks. 

Wear your PFD when on the water and take your kids fishing.              

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