Nolin Guide Service -  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

What's Biting 

Largemouth bass fishing is best from late March through May.  June through the middle of July offers good bass fishing at night. Mid September through early November offers good bass fishing as well.
White bass fishing is typically good from the end of May through late June.

Crappie fishing is typically at its best from late March through the middle of April depending upon water temperature.  June through October are good for fishing deep structure.

 Recent Activity and Conditions


The lake is around 45 degrees and near winter pool. Water clarity is stained to muddy due to recent rains on exposed banks.  Jerk baits in the creeks may be your best bet on sunny days.  

Wear your PFD and be careful on the water.

Nolin is rising fast due to all the recent rains.  The lake is muddy and in the upper 40's.  Jerk baits and a-rigs appear to be good bait choices along bluffs and in standing timber.

Smallmouth fishing is good at Cumberland.  Tworms fished 1/8 to 3/16 ounce bed jigs are catching good numbers of 18 inch fish.  Blues have been a good flavor.  Fishing main lake pockets at around 10 feet have been holding fish.

Smallies are still biting well at Cumberland.  The rising and falling water has not had a huge affect on the bite.  #77 tworms on a 3/16 bed jig head have been very good.  Not much going on on Nolin.

Still catching smallies at Cumberland.  Outside main lake points have been very good.  Water temp is in the high 40's.  Green pumpkin tworm on a 3/32 oz bed jig.  


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