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What's Biting 

Largemouth bass fishing is best from late March through May.  June through the middle of July offers good bass fishing at night. Mid September through early November offers good bass fishing as well.
White bass fishing is typically good from the end of May through late June.  

Crappie fishing is typically at its best from late March through the middle of April depending upon water temperature.  June through October are good for fishing deep structure.

 Recent Activity and Conditions

Lake levels are returning to winter pool after recent rains.  Surface temps are right at 40 degrees.  The ned rig if a good bet in conditions like this.  Use light line and a small jig head.  Bites are no more than feeling weight on the retrieve.  Bass only need to feed once every 2 weeks due to their slow metabolism.  A 4 inch swimbait is a good bet fished on points.  A slow retrieve just off the bottom will get bites.  Good Luck and wear your PFD!  

Surface temps are in the mid to upper 30's with ice in some areas.  Not much fishing activity with temps this low.  Not that you can't catch a few on a warm day, fish do not have to feed very often in cold water to maintain their health.  Having the ability to roam surface to the bottom also puts the odds in their favor.  They are not going to move very far to chase a bait.  Catching is pretty much putting your bait right in front of them.  A ned right or grub on a 3/32 oz bed jig head has been a good bait of choice.  Fish slow, light line and on bluffs that get plenty of sunlight.  Wear your PFD!

Recent warm rains and some days in the 60's have melted the ice in the lake.  Lake elevation is just a bit over winter pool and falling.  The lower lake is clear with the upper lake being dingy to muddy.  Surface temps are right at 40 degrees.  

Winter bass fishing is just plain tough!  Warm rains help put the odds in your favor.  Key your efforts on warm water running into the lake.  Ideal locations would be in main lake pockets, bluffs and channel bends.  Fish tend to suspend around 10 feet.  A jerk bait, square bill or shad rap can catch some fish.  A slow steady retrieve works well.  Good luck!  

Rain over the weekend has area lakes rising fast.  Nolin and Rough are about 9 feet above winter pool and Barren is a bit better than 20 feet above pool and rising.  Temps are running around 40 degrees.  More rain is expected the rest of the week through the weekend.  

We are about 6 weeks out from good prespawn fishing.  A great time to get on over to Cabela's and get a look at the new tackle for 2018!

Recent rains and unseasonably warm temps have made catching a real possibility this week!  Area lakes are rising and so are the temps.  Most are in the high 40's to low 50's.  If you are going to be out, try the a-rig!  A good setup is with 4" swimbaits in a shad pattern.  Try 1/8 or 3/16 ounce heads or lighter.  A 3/8 or 1/2 ounce head on the bottom for balance.  A trick that gets me some bites is adding a 5" bait to the back wire with a spinhead.  The bass tend to eat the shad in back of the line!  As far as locations, I would suggest Cumberland or Dale due to the water color.  These lakes tend to remain cleaner with all the rock.  Main lake pockets with running water is a good place to start.  Ten to 12 feet seems to be the preferred depth.  Avoid the cold muddy stuff!  Good luck and wear that PFD!

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